Sustainable Practices at The Westville Hotel

Fri 31, 2024

At The Westville Hotel in Enniskillen, sustainability is a core value reflected in their daily operations and guest services. Here’s how the hotel is making a positive environmental impact:

Energy Efficiency

The hotel has implemented energy-efficient lighting and heating systems throughout the property. These systems reduce energy consumption while maintaining guest comfort.

Waste Management

To minimize waste, The Westville Hotel has robust recycling programs in place. They have also significantly reduced the use of single-use plastics by opting for reusable and biodegradable alternatives.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a priority, with the installation of water-saving devices in bathrooms and kitchens. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and linens to reduce water and detergent usage.

Local Sourcing

Supporting local farmers and reducing food miles are key components of the hotel’s dining practices. The restaurant sources ingredients locally, ensuring fresh and sustainable meals for guests.

Eco-friendly Amenities

The hotel provides eco-friendly toiletries and amenities, further reducing plastic waste and supporting sustainable brands.

Community Engagement

The Westville Hotel actively engages with the local community through various green initiatives and encourages guests to participate in sustainability efforts during their stay.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The hotel is committed to continuously improving its sustainability practices. They regularly review and update their policies to align with the latest environmental standards and innovations.

Guest Involvement

Guests are encouraged to participate in the hotel’s sustainability efforts. Information on eco-friendly practices is readily available, and staff are trained to assist guests in making environmentally conscious choices during their stay.

By integrating these sustainable practices, The Westville Hotel not only enhances the guest experience but also contributes to the preservation of Enniskillen’s natural beauty.

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