Family-Friendly Activities in Enniskillen: Fun for All Ages

Thu 30, 2024

Enniskillen is a fantastic destination for families, offering a wide range of activities that cater to all ages. From outdoor adventures to educational experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are some top family-friendly activities in Enniskillen to make your visit memorable.

1. Enniskillen Castle Museums

A visit to Enniskillen Castle is a must for families. The castle houses the Fermanagh County Museum and the Inniskillings Museum, where children can learn about the history and heritage of the region. Interactive exhibits and hands-on activities make history come alive, keeping kids engaged and entertained.

2. Marble Arch Caves

Explore the wonders of the Marble Arch Caves, where guided tours take you through stunning underground passages and chambers. The tours are suitable for children, providing an exciting adventure as they learn about geology and natural history. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring a sense of adventure!

3. Share Discovery Village

The Share Discovery Village offers a wide range of outdoor activities that are perfect for families. From kayaking and canoeing to archery and climbing, there’s something to suit all interests and ages. The village also has a swimming pool and playground, ensuring fun for everyone.

4. Florence Court

Florence Court is a beautiful Georgian mansion surrounded by extensive gardens and woodland. Families can enjoy guided tours of the house, explore the scenic trails, and have a picnic in the lush grounds. Special family-friendly events and activities are often held, making it a great day out.

5. Castle Coole

Another stunning Georgian mansion, Castle Coole offers a glimpse into aristocratic life in the 18th century. The estate’s parklands are perfect for family walks, and children will love exploring the expansive grounds. The National Trust often organizes special activities and events for families, so be sure to check their calendar.

6. Lough Navar Forest

For families who love the great outdoors, Lough Navar Forest provides numerous trails and breathtaking viewpoints. The forest drive offers stunning panoramic views of Lough Erne and the surrounding countryside. With picnic areas and plenty of space to explore, it’s a wonderful spot for a family day out.

7. Fermanagh Fun Farm

Kids will adore Fermanagh Fun Farm, where they can interact with a variety of friendly farm animals. From feeding the goats to petting the rabbits, it’s a hands-on experience that children won’t forget. The farm also has a play area and offers tractor rides, adding to the fun.

8. Head Hunters Barber Shop & Railway Museum

Combining a barber shop with a railway museum, Headhunters offers a quirky and educational experience for families. Children can explore model trains, railway memorabilia, and even sit in a restored railway carriage. It’s a unique attraction that’s both fun and informative.

9. Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre

A short drive from Enniskillen, Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre provides an interesting and educational experience. Families can take guided tours to see how the famous Belleek porcelain is made, explore the museum, and shop for unique souvenirs. It’s a great way to learn about local craftsmanship.

10. Topped Mountain

For a family-friendly hike, head to Topped Mountain. The trail is manageable for children and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature together.

11. Devenish Island

Take a boat trip to Devenish Island and explore the ancient monastic site. The island’s ruins, including a round tower and church, provide a fascinating glimpse into the past. It’s an educational and scenic adventure that families will enjoy.

12. Erne Water Taxi

Explore Lough Erne in a fun and unique way with Erne Water Taxi. The taxi offers guided tours of the lough, providing insights into local history and wildlife. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable way for the whole family to experience the beauty of the waterways.

13. Lakeland Forum

The Lakeland Forum is a leisure center that offers a range of activities for families. From swimming pools and sports facilities to a soft play area for younger children, it’s a great place to burn off some energy and have fun.

Enniskillen is a fantastic destination for families, offering a diverse range of activities that cater to all ages. From exploring historical sites and natural wonders to engaging in outdoor adventures and interactive experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make your stay at The Westville Hotel even more memorable by discovering the family-friendly attractions and activities that Enniskillen has to offer.

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