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Tue 9, 2024


Dive into the fascinating history of Enniskillen and its surroundings with our comprehensive guide. Explore historic sites, learn about the region’s heritage, and plan your stay at the Westville Hotel.

Enniskillen, the charming town located in the heart of County Fermanagh, is not only known for its stunning landscapes but also for its rich historical heritage. From ancient monastic sites to grand Georgian estates, Enniskillen offers a fascinating journey through time. Here’s a guide to exploring the historical treasures of Enniskillen and its surroundings, making your stay at the Westville Hotel an unforgettable experience.

Enniskillen Castle

Start your historical journey with a visit to Enniskillen Castle. Situated on the banks of the River Erne, this impressive fortress dates back to the 16th century. The castle houses the Fermanagh County Museum and the Inniskillings Museum, where you can delve into the region’s history through a variety of exhibits, including medieval artifacts and military memorabilia.

Devenish Island

A short boat trip from Enniskillen takes you to Devenish Island, home to one of Northern Ireland’s most important monastic sites. Founded in the 6th century, the site features an impressive round tower, high crosses, and church ruins. Wander through the tranquil island and imagine the lives of the monks who once inhabited this serene location.

Castle Coole

Another must-visit historical site is Castle Coole, an 18th-century neo-classical mansion set in a beautiful parkland. This National Trust property offers guided tours that reveal the grandeur of the past, showcasing exquisite interiors and stunning architecture. The estate’s extensive grounds are perfect for a leisurely walk, providing a glimpse into aristocratic life in Ireland.

Florence Court

Located a short drive from Enniskillen, Florence Court is another splendid Georgian estate. This historic house, surrounded by lush gardens and woodlands, offers a fascinating tour through its beautifully preserved rooms. Don’t miss the famous Florence Court Yew, reputed to be the ‘parent’ of all Irish yew trees.

The Buttermarket

For a blend of history and contemporary culture, visit The Buttermarket. This 19th-century market square has been transformed into a vibrant cultural quarter, home to artisan shops, galleries, and cafes. Explore the unique blend of old-world charm and modern creativity as you wander through this picturesque area.

Sheelin Antique Lace Museum

Discover the delicate craft of lace-making at the Sheelin Antique Lace Museum. This museum houses an extensive collection of antique Irish lace, offering insights into the intricate techniques and historical significance of lace-making in the region.

Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre

A visit to the Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre provides a fascinating look at one of Ireland’s oldest and most famous pottery factories. Established in 1857, Belleek Pottery is renowned for its delicate porcelain. Take a guided tour to see skilled artisans at work and learn about the history and craftsmanship behind each piece.


1. What are the top historical attractions in Enniskillen? Top historical attractions include Enniskillen Castle, Devenish Island, Castle Coole, and Florence Court.

2. Can I take a guided tour of these historical sites? Yes, guided tours are available at many sites, including Enniskillen Castle, Castle Coole, Florence Court, and Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre.

3. What is the best way to reach Devenish Island? Devenish Island is accessible by boat, with tours departing from various points around Lough Erne.

4. Are there any historical museums in Enniskillen? Yes, Enniskillen Castle houses the Fermanagh County Museum and the Inniskillings Museum, both offering a wealth of historical exhibits.

5. How can I book a stay at the Westville Hotel? Book your stay directly through the Westville Hotel’s website for the best rates and exclusive offers.

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